Building a better community from the ground up

Building a better community from the ground up

By partnering with Suncrest, you become part of a shared vision to create exceptional places to live, work, and play. Together, we can make a positive impact, fostering economic growth, enhancing livability, and leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come.

Suncrest collaborates with land owners through different approaches to carry out development projects that benefit all involved parties. This involves forming joint venture partnerships, where Suncrest and landowners combine their resources, skills, and finances to develop the property jointly. Another approach is through option agreements, where Suncrest compensates the landowner in exchange for an adequate timeframe to conduct essential activities such as due diligence, planning, entitlement, and engineering initiatives.

What others are saying

Land Owners Partner

Mr. John Alsup, Landowner of 150 Acres, Lebanon, TN

“Suncrest was a pleasure to work with when buying our family farm in Lebanon, Tennessee. They were very good communicators, maintained clear and honest updates during the due diligence and entitlement period and paid in cash when they said they were going to pay."

What others are saying

Land Owner Partner

Mitchum Trust, 300 acres, Maury County, TN

“Transparency and being well-capitalized are important qualities when buying large tracts of land. Suncrest was both. They provided all the necessary documentation that we requested and proved to be a very forthright and credible buyer.”

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